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Aileen Allsopp – Kennel Owner
My husband and I have had our own business for 10 years training dogs. We have our own pet dog too, named ‘Sam’. It became apparent to us living in Coventry that there aren’t any boarding kennels built to a high standard for dogs and felt that we could offer this.

Bearing in mind we own 9.5 acres and live in an ideal spot close to major roads, motorways and Birmingham Int Airport we can provide excellent care and attention to all dogs that are boarded with us. It has taken us 13 months so far to build our kennels into something special, so please take a look at our gallery or come to see us and I’m sure it will blow you away!!!!

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Tammy Sykes – Kennel Manager
My name is Tammy Sykes and I am the Kennel Manager at Premier. I am 45 years old and have always took care of various animals since my childhood. I am looking forward to the year ahead, meeting customers old and new!!!!

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Jaycee Magdee
Senior Kennelhand

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Bobbi Warner-Oswin

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Josh McMurray

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Keri Woodward